Skin Logic

Skin Logic By: Karen Lynn
Making Women Beautiful and Changing Lives 


Classic Customized Facial.... 60 minutes $70.00

This is a facial tailored to treat your individual unique needs and concerns through cleansing and the aid of natural enzymes to exfoliate dead skin build up. Light extractions of surface debris such as blackheads and mild breakouts, if necessary, followed by a relaxing facial massage. While a custom mask does its magic, lay back and enjoy a tension reducing neck and shoulder massage,  followed by hot aromatic towels and topped off with serums, eye cream and a protective moisturizer. The use of the ultra sonic spatula will also be included in this facial to help polish the skin, make extractions easier and to penetrate product deep into the layers of skin to achieve the optimum healthy skin.


These are add on services to enhance your experience and to heighten the results of the Classic Facial. Each enhancement is unique in of its self. Some enhancements can be stand alone treatments for a quick pick me up and more than one can be done at the same time.

*Neck Treatment: $45.00

Worried about a sagging turkey neck? This amazing white tea collagen infused neck treatment 

will deliver visible results you will be singing praises about! Each treatment is micro-infused with a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins c & e for tightening, toning and hydrating this delicate area. Miro-current is also included to boost the results of this amazing treatment.

*Chemical Peels: $40.00

Chemical peels can be one particular acid such as glycolic or lactic to address one certain issue

  or a cocktail of different acids to deliver a wide range of results. Peels are designed to help exfoliate dead skin at a faster rate than a manual exfoliant and speed up cellular growth and collagen production which is what keeps skin looking and feeling young and fresh. It also gives the skin a smooth feel and look to the appearance. Chemical peels are more exhilarating than a natural enzyme exfoliation and may result in mild flaking/sloughing off of dead skin for a couple of days. A thorough consultation is required before a chemical peel to insure you are a good candidate and for the health of your skin.

*Soothing Eye Treatment: $30.00

A special massage technique will help drain excess fluid and stimulate blood flow in the eye area. The uniquely formulated gel eye pads will be place under and around the eyes to help hydrate and plump fine lines. You will be absolutely stunned at the amazing results. Plus you will get to take home the eye pads for a few more treatments to continue the results!

*LED Light: $25.00

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which are theraputic wavelengths of light energy which our cells recognize as commands/jobs to achieve certain responses. Not to be confused with a laser; the light therapy was originally developed to heal wounds and post surgery scars in a quick recovery time. It was soon discovered LED light helped in drastically improving uneven skin tone, reducing pore size, reducing redness due to sensitivity or rosacea, and it stimulates your own natural collagen therefore it plumps the skin. The blue light actually kills the bacteria that causes most acne. "LED light has no contra-indications of any kind (best not to be used if pregnant or trying to get pregnant). It is good for all skin types.

*Dermalfile: $20.00

This is a great natural alternative to chemical peels or traditional microdermabrassion, with the same results! Using a stainless steel wand made of crushed cosmetic diamonds I am able to polish the skin to remove uneven tone, texture, sun damage and buff out fine lines. Leaves your skin velvety smooth.

*Sheet Masks: $15.00

A perfect enhancement to the classic facial when needing a major boost in hydration and to calm the skin. These sheets are drenched in the highest quality of hyaluronic acid, minerals and vitamins. I also include the use of the ultra-sonic spatula to push moisture deep inside the skin to gain more than just sitting on top of the skin.


*Lift & Tone  Facial: 70 minutes $125.00

Lavish your skin with this advanced formulation of peptides with the aid of micro-current, for deep product penetration. It will naturally stimulate your own collagen to Dramatically improve fine lines, tone and texture, dark circles, and stimulates blood circulation; you will notice an obvious and undeniably lift, tone and brightness to your skin. Combine with the healing power of touch, you have a winning experience that can't be beat!

Series of Facials...

A series of facials is deigned to aggressively attack specific skin issues such as acne, sun damage, fine lines, and calm and soothe irradiated skin, within a short period of time. I have strategically synthesized these treatments to deliver serious results. A series is a 5 treatment plan to be completed within a 7 week time frame. A home regimen is also recommended for the best results; that way I can help monitor your progress.

 Call or text for more detailed information and special pricing.