Skin Logic

Skin Logic By: Karen Lynn
Making Women Beautiful and Changing Lives 


Sadly Skin Logic had to close its doors earlier in the summer of 2017. Life sometimes throws us curve balls that force us to make unexpected changes in our lives; this is one of those times for me.

I have temporarily relocated to the big city of San Francisco, back to my roots where I was born and raised. It has taken a few months to get settled in and get into a whole new routine (even Zoey, my dog has had to have a little extra patients thrown her way but is starting to be more relaxed).

Though this is only a temporary situation, I felt the need to continue working as an Esthetician to stay on top of all the great things starting to evolve in this awesome industry. I am working at the Daly City Massage Envy (If you're ever in the area book an appointment with me!). I am working along side 5 other amazing Estheticans that I am enjoying getting to know. There are some exciting things coming the beginning of 2018 at Massage Envy and am very excited to be part of it all.

My goal is to continue to focus moving forward to relocate back to Solano County or Sacramento area later next year and reopen Skin Logic! Meanwhile, I am going to be using my website to help educate you on all things skin and helping you to understand the laws that govern us Estheticians. I will also blog new "beauty tidbits" and other exciting things going on in the skin industry and even a few personal things that are happening in my life. Zoey will even get her own page too, lol.

So, check out the other pages and be sure to check back often for new fresh information. You can also stay connected through facebook. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.....