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Skin Logic By: Karen Lynn
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 What is an Esthetician...

Here in California an Esthetician is required to complete a minimum of 600 hours of

schooling in a state certified beauty school, on the function of skin and how to beautify it through non-invasive treatments along with the knowledge of the nerves and muscles and how product ingredients react with different skin types. Then with passing a written and practical exam will be given their state license to preform facials and waxing services on the public.

Most Estheticans continue their education over the years by attending more trade shows and advanced training in different areas of interest or specialties they are known for as well as staying on top of all the newest products/ingredients and equipment. This is a fast moving ever evolving industry.

A reputable Esthetician/salon or spa will follow strict sanitation protocols from the California state board of Cosmetology and Cal Osha and will always have their license displayed for the public to view.

What California Estheticians can do...

There is much more to facials than pampering and a luxurious feel good experience. Your Esthetician is your skin coach and is there to work with you to help meet your skin needs by customizing your facials and monitoring your home regimen for you to achieve optimal results. 

A facial should always start with an in-depth consultation so the Esthetician can understand your needs, concerns and expectations of the service. It is also vitally important to be open and honest about your health history and medications you are taking

 (this information is NEVER shared or made public) to insure there are no counteractions that can cause damage or irritation to you or your skin.

The actual hands on facial will differ from Esthetician to Esthetician depending on what type of facial you are receiving, the products that are being used and the business's protocols. 

There are also more advance treatments Estheticians can include or offer as an add-on to enhance the treatment and give longer lasting results such as:

Chemical Peels



LED Light

Ultra-sonic Spatula

These advance treatments are designed to improve the texture, tone, color and youthfulness of the skin on the face, neck and decollete'.

I recommend a professional facial every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain healthy skin though you can receive treatments more frequently for a short period of time when treating issues as acne, hyperpigmentation or anti-aging (this would be something to plan out with your Esthetician). Facials are also an amazing way to relax and unwind from your day to day stress!

What a California Estheticain CAN NOT DO...

You may have heard the term “medical Esthetician” being used in some businesses but the truth is there is no such term or position, even though an Esthetician may work in a medical spa or dermatologist/plastic surgeons office. The scope of what an Esthetician can legally do still remains the same as working in a salon or spa. Estheticians are not allowed to:


Prescribe medication

Preform injections

Laser resurfacing



Cool sculpting


When visiting an Esthetician in a medical office please remember their expertise is solely in cosmetic skin care and is there to enhance, complement and support what the medical professionals are working towards achieving.

Another area of concern is lash tinting. It is illegal for any Esthetician, Hairstylist or Nail Tech to tint eye lashes or eye brows!! There is no die on the market that the FDA has approved safe for these services at this time. Please know that if you are getting these services done it is being done illegally and if something goes wrong the technician and/or business owners insurance will not cover any kind of cost do to the service being illegal. 

Only Cosmetologist (hairdressers) are legally allowed to give lash lifts/perms.